• 1962 Beechcraft 95-A55 Twin Engine
  • 260hp per Engine — Fuel Injected
  • Garmin 375 Touchpad GPS with Bluetooth Flightstream 
  • Dual Axis Autopilot
  • Multi / Complex / High Performance all-in-one
  • IFR Certified
  • Ideal for Commercial Multi-Engine and MEI Training
  • $380/hour (wet)
  • $350/hour 10 hour block (wet)


  • 1999 Cessna 172S
  • 180hp — Fuel Injected
  • Garmin 750 Touchpad GPS with Bluetooth Flightstream
  • G5 Directional Gyro 
  • Autopilot
  • IFR Certified
  • Ideal for Instrument, Commercial and CFI Training
  • $185/hour (wet)
  • $175/hour 10 hour block (wet)


N53576 ($165hr/$155 block)

This 180HP fuel injected four seat aircraft is ideal for Instrument, Commercial and CFI training. Manufactured in 2003.

  • KMD 550
  • Touch Screen GPS
  • Dual Comms.
  • Dual NAV.
  • Dual AXIS Auto Pilot

N9172Y ($129hr/$119 block)

This Piper PA28-161 is a four seat, 160HP, low wing aircraft that is ideal for Private Pilot, Commercial and CFI training. Manufactured in 1985.

  • Dual Comms.
  • Dual NAV.
  • Instrument Certified
  • GREAT Time Builder!

N417CB ($105hr/$95 block)

This two seat Cessna152 Sparrow hawk is rated at 125HP.

  • Ideal for Private Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot and CFI training
  • Great time builder
  • Manufactured in 1977.

Flight Simulator ($50hr/$40 block)

The Flight Simulator by Prepar3d Lockheed Martin is the perfect training supplement as it allows the pilot to be in control of all environmental factors. Not only can you control the weather, aeronautical factors and airplane malfunctions, but you can also practice shooting approaches and holds. By uploading and revisiting your past flights your training becomes more efficient by allowing you to save money, pausing mid flight to learn in the moment and training on the ground. The Flight Sim allows you to analyze your habits, mistakes and accomplishments.


  • 1976 Cessna 172N
  • 160hp Carburated  
  • Dual VOR’s and Comm’s 
  • IFR Certified
  • Ideal for Private Pilot, Commercial, CFI and Spin Training
  • $165/hour (wet)
  • $155/hour 10 hour block (wet)


  • 1975 Piper Archer 2 PA28-181 
  • 180hp Carburated
  • Garmin 430 GPS
  • Dual VOR’s and Comm’s
  • IFR Certified
  • Ideal for Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial and CFI Training
  • $175/hour (wet)
  • $165/hour 10 hour block (wet)

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