Instrument Rating Prerequisites

  • 18 Years of Age

  • FAA Private Pilot License

  • FAA 3rd Class Medical

  • Understand & Speak English

Instrument Rating Privileges

  • Fly in IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Conditions

  • Receive Air Traffic Control Guidance Along Your Entire Flight

  • Receive Priority Landings

Why Do I Need an Instrument Rating?

Having your Instrument Rating will make you a more proficient, competent and confident pilot. You will have greater confidence when landing at a new or unfamiliar airport. Most importantly, your Instrument rating will increase your safety. Being prepared and able to handle any change in the weather,  will make you and your passengers safer.

Instrument Rating Steps

  • Minimum of 30 Hours Under The “Hood” or in Actual Instrument Conditions (In the clouds)

  • 10 Hours in our Simulator

  • Pass FAA Instrument Written exam

  • Pass The Checkride

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